inspire the bronx tour

The Inspire The Bronx Tour is an empowerment seminar geared to middle schools and high schools. Schools have the option to choose from 3 seminars that drive continual student and parent participation. Jonathan shares his Bronx Story, Keys to Success and other topics in a passionate and engaging presentation. Our mission is to inspire and educate the minds and hearts of Bronx students to increase academic achievement and to engage in social change projects. Jonathan uses the power of storytelling and social media to drive ongoing participation.


Schools have the option of choosing 1, 2, or all 3 of the seminars to be presented at their schools


the empowerment seminar

OBJECTIVE: To introduce students to the power of self-worth and self-development

Jonathan will sit with designated school staff to organize an empowerment seminar in which he will share his Keys to Success and his Bronx Story. His message is a message of hope and inspiration that will not only educate the minds of participants, but will inspire the heart. Jonathan emphasizes the importance of education, self-development, and social change. He will close with a social media challenge to continue the conversation of overall social change toward academic achievement. The empowerment seminar can be for both males and females or separated. Other speakers can be added to the seminar if requested.

parents seminar

OBJECTIVE: To provide valuable insight to the cognitive development of students and the importance of family values and family learning

Jonathan and his team will present a dynamic and resourceful seminar on building stronger family connections, tips and strategies to enhance learning at home, and will share resources to aid family learning efforts. Jonathan will sit down with the parent coordinator, community liaison, or designated school staff to organize a parent seminar. Jonathan will end with a personal touch on the family values that helped him go from family tragedy to hope to success.

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empowerment seminar + Social Change Project

OBJECTIVE: To empower students to think critically about their lives and their communities to the point of organizing and executing a social change project

In addition to the empowerment seminar, Jonathan has developed a practical curriculum that deeper explores his Keys to Success, culminating in a social change project. A select group of 15-20 students will meet for 6 sessions within a specified time period, culminating in a group project and presentation. 

the follow up to keep the conversation going

Jonathan will culminate each session with a Social Media Challenge which will result in prizes for some students


This hashtag is intended to break away with indifference by encouraging students to watch the news and to actually take a moment to reflect and care about a life that they have no immediate connection to. After taking "a minute to care" students will use the hashtag to post a reflection of what they watched and how they felt about it and must tag a friend and challenge them to do the same. 


This hashtag is intended to break away with silence, fear, and stagnation by encouraging students to take positive action in their communities through community service programs or by simple good deeds. Students will record a video or take a picture of themselves performing the service or good deed and will post a caption describing what inspired them to act and must use the hashtag and tag a friend to do the same.


In addition to the above method to keep the conversation going on empowerment and social change, each student will receive a daily motivational video for the first 30 days after the seminar (seminars 1 and 3). After the first 30 days, students will receive monthly motivational videos. In further pursuit of creating a school culture for empowerment and social change, a designated staff member should be recognized as an Empowerment Liaison and will receive resources and tools to create and maintain a culture for empowerment and social change. 


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